Assured Food Standards is preparing for a major marketing campaign for its little red tractor logo after tightening up the administration of the assurance schemes behind it.
Six leading schemes covering assurance for chicken, beef and lamb, pork, cereals, horticulture and dairy are now integrated behind the logo, run by the AFS.
Chairman Colin Smith said the assurance schemes now covered a major portion of UK production. But he added that work needed to be done to build consumer understanding of the little red tractor logo.
AFS has commissioned an advertising company to develop a proposition to bring the little red tractor logo to life for consumers and is recruiting a marketing manager.
Smith said: “At the moment it’s just a logo and it needs to have real meaning. It’s got to be desirable to consumers and it’s got to be worth something.”
He said the reorganisation signalled completion of the vision of Sir Don Curry’s Policy Commission to rationalise the assurance schemes behind the little red tractor.