Masterfoods is supporting its recently launched Maltesers ice cream stick with a £2m ad campaign which breaks on Wednesday (May 1). The 20-second ad will mirror the theme of the Maltesers confectionery TV treatments which show young women enjoying life in humorous ways. Running until July, the campaign will be aimed at the brand's core audience of 25 to 44-year-old females and will be aired at peak viewing times. It will also get backing from a poster campaign running throughout the key summer months. Sam McElligott, trade relations manager at Masterfoods, said: "The forthcoming months are a key time for ice cream sales and we will be looking to maximise these with the launch of this advertising campaign." Maltesers ice cream stick has been among a plethora of indulgent new products to hit freezers. Häagen-Dazs recently joined the battle for consumers in the ice cream on a stick sector with the launch of take home treat Minissime. {{P&P }}