Consumers are picking up on the trend for bigger beer bottles which has been developing in the last 18 months. ACNielsen figures for last year showed that the larger sizes ­ up to 1.5 litre ­ accounted for 10% of the take home bottled beer market. And the latest research by Bass, which questioned 3,000 beer shoppers, shows 42% of consumers think of the bigger bottles as good for sharing. There are a range of 660ml bottles including San Miguel and Amstel. Anheuser-Busch introduced its Big Bud, and last month a one litre format was added to the Stella Artois range. So far the biggest is the 1.5ltr Grolsch from Bass. Bass sales director John Holberry said: "Consumers are becoming more objective about what they drink and are looking to indulge themselves with beer rather than wine, providing the offer is right. "They are looking to share quality time over a meal and are looking for the credentials of a beer brand that will sit like wine on the table." {{DRINKS }}