Amoy is launching its biggest ever marketing programme worth £5m this year to support its range of Chinese food products. The Straight to Wok range is being extended with its first vegetable products, more noodles and sauces, and new pack sizes. Three varietes of vegetable packs go on sale this month. The noodle range is being expanded into 150g family packs and a new style of noodles is being introduced. Noodles Like Fresh comes in two styles, Spicy Szechuan and Classic Cantonese. The HP Food subsidiary is also introducing Reduced Fat Coconut Milk. Rsps: Straight to Wok vegetables £1.39 (315g); family pack noodles £1.79; Noodles Like Fresh £1.29; Reduced Fat Coconut Milk 79p for 400g. {{P&P }}