Mary Carmichael Relaunch activity is brewing in the UK coffee retail market with revamps for two established brands. Mellow Bird's has been given a packaging facelift, while Percol has also opted for a new look as part of a range relaunch. The moves follow recent advertising by the top three tea brands, as both sides of the hot beverage category struggle to fight off increasingly stiff competition from soft drinks. The coffee brands' changes are unlikely to provoke the same mainstream media coverage as their tea counterparts but both are striving to differentiate themselves in the market. Yellow script and a sunny smile on a coffee mug logo aim to emphasise Mellow Bird's mildness brand credentials, reinforced by the strapline Deliciously mild'. Trade controller Doug McGowan said the 30-year-old brand's redesign would attract new consumers: "Mellow Bird's stands out as it is the only coffee to adopt a consistent mild' communication strategy." Meanwhile, Percol, pioneer brand of the Fairtrade ethical trading mark, intends to boost its eponymous brand's market share and volume through multiple retailers. New packaging for the Coffee Kids, Café Society, Premium Fairtrade and Organic and Sanctuary ranges is aimed at highlighting the brand's ethical and ecological positioning. It includes a new red, smiling coffee bean logo and revamped PoS, including leaflets to educate consumers about the products' backgrounds. Percol is also running an on-pack promotion for an exclusive designer' mug. {{P&P }}