Imperial Tobacco is backing October's launch of Small Classic Filter cigars ­aimed at cigarette smokers ­with a win £5' promotion.

A limited edition Midnight Mint two finger Kit Kat hit shelves this week. 

A Chocolate Viennetta will join the Birds Eye Wall's range on September 4. 

KP Skips' handy and multipacks contain Pokémon Battle discs ­ some limited editions in a six week promotion from September 10. 

Glendale Frozen Foods has extended Yankee brand into supermarkets with six Yankee 2 frozen snacks for two. 

Peakhouse Pantry is bringing out a British Cheese range of quiches this week. 

Doves Farm Foods' Organic Digestives and Chocolate Digestives are now available in two biscuit packs. 

Baxters is adding Tomato & Mascarpone, and Vegetable, Bean & Pasta recipes to its organic canned soups.