Nivea has added a high performance daily moisturiser Revitalising Crème Q10 to its For Men range. 

Gallaher is pushing its Mayfair brand in a six week promotion across 80 bingo halls from early April. 

Cake specialist Anthony Stephens has launched a range of organic, handbaked fruitcakes. 

A marketing campaign for Soda Crystals has kicked off with ads in women's magazines. 

An on pack promotion for Craggley Boggs' bears is due later this spring. 

Reckitt Benckiser is adding an antiseptic wound spray, Dettol Antiseptic Wash to its Dettol stable, backed by press ads from May. 

A range of filled baguettes has joined Country Choice's Bake N' Bite range. 

Birds Eye Wall's has begun a search for its 2001 Magnum girl with a Channel 4 competition. 

Surfers will be able to vote for a winner on the brand's website.