The next tranche of the £13m ad campaign for Wilkinson Sword FX Diamond razor features TV ads from April 3 to 30 and posters from April 10. 

Slush Puppie is introducing Slush Puppie Max, an energy drink with vitamins and glucose but no caffeine, aimed at 12-16 year olds. 

Van Slooten has brought out its own brand of Sugarfree Winegums distributed by Nedan Confectionery. 

New Zealand Milk is giving away a ceramic toast rack with a unit of three 250g packs of Anchor packet butter for £2.99 in Safeway. 

Fox’s and Somerfield have joined forces to raise funds for non mobile children this month, with 5p on each pack of PartyRings sold in Somerfield and Kwik Save going to charity Whizz-Kidz.