Walkers tops the brand chart this week, edging ahead of Uncle Ben’s for the top spot with a 16% share, up 2% on last week. A range of promotions on lines across the retailers - with multibuy offers especially visible in Asda and Sainsbury - did the trick.
Uncle Ben’s has continued to rise through the ranks, almost doubling its share to 14%. In second place, it is the brand’s first major move up the chart for a while although, with Chinese New Year over, its continued rise is in doubt. Heinz has dropped from first place to third, albeit at a creditable 13%. In fourth place is Nestlé whose instore activity has increased with offers on the Fitnesse, Cheerios and Shredded Wheat lines. These have pushed up its share but not enough to leapfrog Heinz into the top three.
Quaker enters at number seven via promotions on Oatso Simple in Asda and Tesco. Combined with Nestlé and Kellogg, it gives the chart a cereals theme.
Stella Artois makes its 2004 debut, which could signal the start of a repeat of last year’s performance by alcoholic drinks when it dominated the chart.