Pig farmers have threatened direct action against multiples over the amount of imported fresh pork they sell.
Richard Lister, chairman of the PorkWatch survey, said this week that only positive results from the regular review had stopped producers from setting up Farmers For Action-style blockades at retailers’ depots.
Revealing the latest set of figures from the survey, which is carried out every two months by farmers in 400 stores across England and Wales, Lister praised Tesco for increasing the amount of British pork it sold.
The UK’s number one retailer was stocking 90% British pork
compared with about 75% two months previously, he said.
However, he added: “In recent weeks I have more or less continually had to persuade pig producers to refrain from direct action at distribution centres and urge them to wait until the latest results were known.”
Lister also singled out The Co-operative Group and Sainsbury, both of which stocked about 80% British pork.