Blue Nun owner Langguth is changing its marketing strategy for the brand to attract an older, middle-class audience.

The company's push to broaden its appeal is marked by its first appearance at the BBC Good Food Show at Birmingham NEC from 25 to 29 November. The average age of a visitor to the show is aged from 38 to 40 years.

"Middle-class drinkers are increasingly warned that a relaxing glass of wine is a risk to their health," said sales director Len Granger. "Now is the time to re-position Blue Nun, with its lower alcohol content, as a guilt-free option for this demographic, who are looking to make healthier lifestyle decisions but still want to enjoy a great glass of wine."

The German brand, which will also benefit from press advertising later this year highlighting its 9.5% abv, focused on targetting 18 to 30-year-old women with the launch of Blue Nun Gold bubbly in May.