Blueberries have been outselling strawberries by 20% since the start of the year and sales show no signs of slowing, according to Waitrose.

The retailer said blueberry sales shot up 181% last week, next to a comparatively sluggish 16% increase in its strawberry sales.

The surge, which means sales of blueberries are already double those of last year, is being attributed to greater availability now the fruit is being grown in the UK.

Britain boasted a 305% increase in its blueberry crop last year. If current sales trends continue, the industry is expected to be producing more blueberries than strawberries by 2012.

A Waitrose spokesman said the uplift in sales reflected increased public awareness of blueberries’ widely reported health benefits. Blueberries are regularly dubbed a 'superfood' due to the high levels of vitamin C they contain.

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