Stores that adopted the Federation of Wholesale Distributors' guidelines on selling alcohol have reported a 25% uplift in booze sales over the past 18 months.

The FWD has compiled sales data for 80 independent retailers using its Take Home Blueprint and found that on average their alcohol sales increased by £36,281. In the scheme, FWD advisers visit stores to share information on how best to display alcohol, helping retailers improve displays that "can look like jumble sales".

The body says it costs just £200 on average to implement the suggested changes - meaning an average return of 272 times on investment.

"This is the first time we have got stores to share their sales figures with us and this set of data means that we can prove the Blueprint will rout the recession," said the scheme chairman Alan Toft. "Retailers will see sales increase if they adopt the Blueprint - guaranteed."

The scheme guarantees to refund the money retailers invest if they are not recouped by extra sales but said its guarantee has never been invoked.

Meanwhile, its Blueprint for wine sales has been updated to include the most popular current brands. Toft said retailers should stock a variety of wines and not just the cheapest, with sales growth fastest for those priced £5-£7.