Despite the supermarkets’ best efforts, there’s been no shortage of research knocking about of late from the likes of Which? showing that most shoppers trust their friendly local supermarkets about as far as they can throw them.

That presumably wasn’t helped by the horrifying revelation in Monday’s Panorama that some food retailers are shamelessly and maliciously trying to make a few quid in profit, rather than simply handing out free grub (and booze and fags and pants and tinsel) until they go out of business and have to lay off thousands of staff.

However, supermarkets are still more trusted than one disreputable bunch - our partners. Eye-catching findings from consumer researchers Indicia show more consumers trust their supermarket to get their weekly shop right than they do their spouses.

And painting an even bleaker picture of the state of British romance, the gap is closing between the number of us who remember our partners’ birthdays and those of us who feel genuinely touched to receive an automated email from a retailer’s online marketing arm. Cue countless arguments beginning “At least Tesco remembered my birthday, even if it was just to sell me cake.”