supermarkets have a hard enough time opening new stores without extremist political agitators getting in the way.

Sainsbury’s has encountered a dangerous new foe recently, in the form of the Roundabout Appreciation Society.

The society rose to prominence, if that’s the word, a few years ago by publishing a calendar of the roundabouts of Redditch. Somehow, it sold 100,000 copies.

Its anorak-sporting rabble-rousers recently got involved in an 18-day sit-in on a roundabout in Leek, near Stoke, which faced demolition as a result of a Sainsbury’s opening. It took a court ruling to shift the Occupy Wall Street-style camp.

“It is very sad and we are feeling hurt and upset because they are taking away something we love,” resident Jacqueline Banks - who camped out for four nights despite being nearly 70 - told This Is Staffordshire.

Bad Sainsbury’s!