It’s Easter - apparently a time for lavish feasting, according to Adland - and Aldi has hopped on to the premium bandwagon with this sprightly, sunny advert.

It’s set to a kooky cover version (hello, John Lewis) of My Favourite Things. But the lyrics have been changed to allude to seasonal foodstuffs. So we get “brown buns with crosses and puddings on swings… prawns in white dressing with blue Stilton crackers” etc.

OK, so on paper it’s a bit tortured (what exactly is “white dressing” anyway?). But Aldi has adopted the visual style of another premium food retailer - M&S - for its luscious product shots, so it all goes with a bang.

There’s even a cute visual gag (with a cute pup) for the “when the dog bites” line. Woof!