Never let it be said that Asda doesn’t listen to its shoppers. Which is pretty admirable, considering its shoppers spend most of their time screaming at their children to stop chucking Cheestrings at each other.

With Christmas now (apparently) just around the corner, Asda has invited shoppers to come up with an aggressively inept pun for its festive ‘Space here’ signs above checkouts. Last year, you’ll fondly recall, shoppers were treated to a sign saying ‘Snow Q here’, in a so-subtle-you-might-miss-it play on the phrase ‘There is no queue here’. (Say it out loud!)

“We want to create even more of a buzz this year,” Asda deadpanned on its website. Bogof hasn’t yet heard back about the £50 first prize but it’s only a matter of time after sending in a couple of stocking-thrillers about “Queue-dolph the time-starved reindeer” and “dreaming of a wait-free Christmas”.