They say politics is showbusiness for ugly people, although surely that’s what radio is for.

Anyway, the House of Commons got considerably uglier this week when Tory benchwarmer Laura Sandys issued a rallying cry over misshapen veg not a million miles from the “give me your huddled masses” bumf on the Statue of Liberty.

Sandys is set to become the poster-girl of unpalatable physical deformity after unveiling plans (possibly best kept veiled) for Ugly Food. She’s offering a home for local produce deemed too unlovely for supermarkets - an admirable move that aims to cut waste and keep supply chains local, but one whose non-profit ideals are surely at odds with those of much of her party.

There’s something bracingly direct about the venture’s putative slogan, however: ‘Tasty but not perfect - just like you!’ Thanks for that vote of confidence, Laura.