The London rioters obviously never saw Footloose. If they had, they’d know the best way to instigate revolution in a sleepy backwoods town is to dance, dance, dance.

Precocious moppet Arizona Snow throws some dangerously subversive shapes in a new ad for Weetabix Chocolate Spoonsize that’s apparently gone ‘viral’ not in the usual sense of wowing net users organically, but in the ‘PR company sends lots of emails in laboured bid to drum up buzz’ sense.

Kids will doubtless idolise the spoon-sized star, but the ‘Fuel for Fun’ slogan may strike terror into the hearts of parents whose kids are already threatening to bring down the dusty edifice of society with their gangle-limbed boogaloo.

Luckily for us, internet sensations come and go pretty quick, except for the ones that irrevocably change what it means to be human, like Facebook and that site with cats that look like Hitler.