butter sculpture justin trudeau

As the dairy industry looks to strike back at the trend for plant-based products, it could do worse than to take note of this arresting display at the Canadian National Exhibition.

For many, the fact that this 100% butter sculpture depicts everyone’s fantasy PM Justin Trudeau would be enough. But if the sight of a buttery handsome liberal alone doesn’t toast your muffin, it shows the premier cuddling some cute baby pandas. Aw!

There was even enough butter left over to craft a capybara, and the funny little monkey that was discovered wearing a John Motson-style coat and wondering around the car park at Ikea Toronto back in 2012.

All AHDB Dairy has to do is identify the right models, and Brits will be back on the animal milk as soon as you like. How about a buttery Jacob Rees-Mogg holding a baby pig? Maybe a halloumi hedgehog, too.