As GB surged towards the summit of the olympic medal table, London 2012’s lesser lights were establishing themselves as powerhouses of another sporting institution - chewing gum.

The habit so beloved of football managers is also the national pastime of Iran. Kantar Media reckons a whopping 82% of people in the Islamic state chew gum, just ahead of Saudi Arabia, with 79%.

“Local custom is likely to play a role in these figures,” Kantar said, noting that instead of giving customers change, some Middle Eastern shopkeepers often just hand out gum.

Then again, perhaps it has something to do with the fact that women aren’t allowed to do much else over there, so maybe they chew gum simply to keep busy.

Just 44% of Brits chew gum, while 56% prefer to complain non-stop about how it gets stuck to the soles of your shoes.