You win can’t win them all. Last week, Kra… sorry, Mondelez International, was celebrating a win over Nestlé in the battle for ‘Cadbury purple’, known to shoppers as Pantone 2865c.

Now it’s facing an even bigger foe than the maker of Kit Kat: the Almighty. Cadbury got quite a bashing this week from the Bishop of Chelmsford on His behalf.

“Don’t be so precious over purple,” the Rt Rev Stephen Cottrell advised Cadbury, after hearing it was squaring up to Christian confectioner the Meaningful Chocolate Co, which also wants to use purple on its festive chocs. “Cadbury should reflect that before they even existed [1824] the colour purple was around. It may own the rights to purple, but it can’t own the colour.

“Fighting some battles, even ones you win, can actually be demeaning. Far better to be generous, then no one loses.”

What’s the fun in that?