Meet Cardboard Jane. Like Frank Sidebottom, she is a human with a big, cardboard head.

And though her bonce lacks Frank’s papier-mâché detail, she shares his musical inclinations. An inane, 1950s-style pop song details her depressing diet, which consists of… cardboard. Some cleverly crafted cereals, sandwiches and biscuits highlight the tastelessness of the foods health-conscious Jane (a yoga enthusiast) usually eats.

Then she tries a Walkers Sunbite. They’re so tasty her head explodes - in a good way. “snacks will never be the same,” the song concludes.

The ad’s optimism is charming, and the message - that ‘healthy snacks’ can be properly tasty - couldn’t be more clearly articulated, though it’s subtle enough to suck in health-unconscious shoppers, too.