Bogof thought hipsters only ate boiling hot porridge for breakfast (they like it before it’s cool, you see), but a new café in London’s trendy Shoreditch area looks set to prove otherwise.

Fashionably bearded twin brothers Gary and Alan Keery are opening a café that serves… cereal. But not just any cereal! The space will allow East London’s self-facilitating media nodes to sample more than 100 varieties and brands. These include Poppin’ Fruity Pebbles - a US treat that includes popping candy.

The pleasingly named Cereal Killer Café also plays host to a collection of cereal memorabilia, including ‘vintage’ boxes. So you’ll have something interesting to read while you tuck into your brekkie - which you can customise with a range of toppings and up to 13 different kinds of milk (the mind boggles).

We can’t wait to hit Shoreditch and be bowled over.