George Clooney has done a good job with those Nestlé ads - lending the brand some of his insouciant, knowing charm.

But the Clooney effect isn’t always positive, according to King of Shaves boss Will King. He reckons George’s hobo-chic beard is partly responsible for declining sales in the shaving industry. Makes sense - who wouldn’t want to be like handsome Clooney?

Or, indeed, Jeremy Paxman. King insists that - despite the fact Paxo’s face-fuzz made him look like a midlife crisis-stricken badger - the Newsnight interrogator is also inspiring blokes to ditch the razor.

Anyway, George is rocking a ‘tache in his new movie Monuments Men, and Jez has already reverted to his smooth-faced self, declaring “beards are so 2013”.

With our style kings returning to the blade, it looks like 2014 might be brighter for Will and his fellow shavers. Phew.