Coca-Cola has trumpeted its ‘one brand’ strategy, which robs us of those vaguely sexist Diet Coke ads. And those vaguely sexist Coke Zero ads.

The (thankfully not sexist) umbrella ad is based on a song specially composed by a rapper called HT. Lyrically facile (“why wait for happiness to happen to you when it’s something you can just choose to do?” he asks), it’s Coke’s less catchy version of McDonald’s asinine ‘I’m Lovin’ It’ jingle.

Anyway, the music scores a globeful of young, attractive people having a good time - but sometimes having a bad time because, like, Coke is there for you even when you’re sad. Profound, man.

Mind you, actual Coke is quite hard to spot - apparently no identity at all is preferable to four.