Dannii Minogue is throwing herself into her role as brand ambassador for A2 milk - in a borderline obsessive manner.

It all started last year, when, guesting on Lorraine Kelly’s mind-sucking daytime TV show, Dannii suddenly started wittering on about the “special cows” that produce the milk, landing ITV in hot water with Ofcom last week.

Now, you can go online and find Dannii droning on about her ‘milk story’ in an Oprah-esque confessional interview - a bit like that Lance Armstrong interview, albeit generating a sense of crushing ennui rather than crushing disappointment.

She’s filmed a proper advert too, in which, so invigorated by the gallons of A2 in her fridge, she amusingly messes up her hair by jumping on a trampoline. The maniac.

So, can Dannii help A2 become as popular as its more famous sibling? She should be so lucky.