Dexter cake serves up delicious slice of drama

Source: Manics Production/ Rex Features

A Slice of Life: Annabel de Vetten’s Dexter gets the chop

These days, it seems there’s no fonder tribute to a person than making, baking and decorating a flour ‘n’ eggs effigy of them. Then slicing it up with a knife and eating it, of course. Charming.

One figure the cake treatment seems particularly appropriate for is Dexter, everyone’s favourite serial-killing TV vigilante. Birmingham-based food artist Annabel de Vetten has marked the final, eighth series of the show with an amazingly detailed life-sized cake replica of its central character.

Somewhat creepily, the 105kg cake is the same height as actor Michael C Hall (who must feel a tiny bit perturbed) and - even more creepily - it depicts the character post-mortem, laid out in his own ‘kill room’ in a state of advanced dissection.

Could it be a cakey clue to the ‘real’ Dexter’s fate? If you’re a fan of the show, keep an eye out for suspicious Brummies…