It doesn’t take long for a craze to take off. Last week Bogof reported on an iPad-controlled heli-tray. Now Domino’s Pizza has upped the game - in mildly sinister fashion.

The pizza purveyors this week unveiled footage of the DomiCopter, an unmanned delivery vehicle that flies orders to customers (on the proviso that they stand in the garden - it doesn’t ring the doorbell).

Domino’s points out that flying pizzas would cut down on road traffic. But what if the idea takes off? Is suburbia set for a Ballardian future in which these drones fill the skies? Warwickshire will become the new Waziristan, only with stray bits of pepperoni instead of Hellfire air-to-ground missiles.

Mind you, anyone who’s ever answered the door in their pants to accept two extra-large meat feasts despite clearly being alone (hypothetically speaking), might see an upside.