When the temperature rises above 30C - as it did during last week’s mini heatwave - it’s not just the UK’s humans that go into a sweaty panic.

As surreal signs of the impending apocalypse go, the partial melting of days-old baby ducks into a black, gluey road is really something. Yet that’s what happened in Ashill, Norfolk.

Fortunately, the ducklings were quickly saved, before being cleaned up with an old wives’ remedy (albeit one that really works): the application of butter to loosen the tar.

And as you can see, the RSPCA doesn’t mess around with own label when it comes to cute baby animals, using Lurpak on the little quackers, before finishing the job with some washing-up liquid and rehydrating them with water (more leading brands, presumably).

Happily, the ducklings are now back to their fluffy finest, and will be rehomed soon. Aww.