Staff at The Grocer were heartened to receive an impressive volume of April Fool’s press releases this year - even though none of us were in the office. Still… thanks!

Bogof’s favourite came courtesy of the British Egg Information Service, which sent a carefully constructed release detailing the story that scientists had created an egg with an edible shell. Several photos of ‘April Istone’ enjoying the ultimate packed lunch topped off the finest foolery to hit our inboxes.

Elsewhere, we had the topical tale of Ocado hiring huskies to deliver in the snow, Waitrose’s forward-walking crab, and the story of farmers Oliver and Ed Partridge, who told us they’d been selling their “world’s best” milk to Vinnie Jones - for £250 a pint.

And the worst gag? Cadbury’s claim it had covered The Mall in chocolate, illustrated with a lame Photoshop job on Twitter. Must try harder.