Apparently, last week was Eccles Cake Week. It didn’t make much of an impact at Grocer HQ (we’re all about cronuts here), but it’s nice to know northerners have something other than ‘barm cakes’ to rejoice in.

Although not at Greggs, it seems. It recently reopened its Eccles branch following a refurb, but there was not an Eccles cake to be found at the store.

“Greggs made the commercial decision to stop selling Eccles cakes in its north west stores around a decade ago, after demand for the product in the region declined significantly,” a spokesman told the Manchester Evening News.

This was “disgraceful”, according to Ian Edmonds of Real Lancashire Eccles Cakes. “People like them all over the country,” he insisted.

Bogof sometimes tells dim pals ‘Eccles’ are tiny, Lancastrian raisins. But even we couldn’t make something this silly up.