Any more Tesco/horse jokes? The subject was flogged to death within minutes of the Dobbin burger news breaking last week, with Cheshunt bearing the brunt of most of the ‘humour’.

Above the wit storm on Twitter, it was still possible to make out the crowing of those not tainted by the scandal. Morrisons even took out a series of gloaty full-page ads in the press.

The attention-seeking ‘punks’ at BrewDog were quick to respond, too, with an inventive bit of Spartist schadenfreude. The pinko revolutionaries - who run a chain of bars alongside their successful brewing business - took to Twitter to offer customers half-price burgers for everyone ordering their new brew, the almost appositely titled ‘Dead Pony Club’.

And guffawing punters across the land bought it - literally. The burgers sold out and the brand got a nifty PR boost. Er… power to the people!