Congratulations to Oliver Struempfl, who has claimed a world record - for carrying beer glasses. The strapping German managed to lug 27 glasses for 40 metres without smashing anything: tricky even when the glasses are empty.

And this being Bavaria - the Gillamoos beer festival in Abensberg, to be precise - the glasses held a litre of beer each (no poncey pints ‘round those parts). They weighed so much that Oliver had to train for his task by going to the gym - and presumably going easy on the booze.

If we’re being super-critical, he did spill more than a drop - witness his soaked-through shirt (though that might actually endear him to particularly randy/alcoholic patrons) - but that’s easy to overlook in one so dedicated to barkeepery. And the sort of people inclined to get a 27-litre round in are likely to be too hammered to notice, anyway. Cheers, Oli.