One of last week’s more bemusing stories was the revelation that panels on the ‘Walkie Talkie’ (London’s latest architectural quirk, not an actual two-way radio) had melted bits off a nearby car.

Although the owner of the toasted Jaguar wasn’t best pleased, the bright sparks at Golden Wonder spotted an opportunity. They quickly approached the building’s architect, Rafael Viñoly, with a view to getting him to help design a crisp factory in Scunthorpe.

“The ‘FryScraper’ has been blamed for blistering paint, smashing tiles and starting small fires, but h Harnessing this solar energy could be very useful in terms of reducing energy usage in our plant,” said a smart-aleck Golden Wonder spokesman.

Viñoly doesn’t seem to have responded to GW’s request, though he did once design an art centre known as the ‘Golden Banana’ - so the Wonder-ful crisp makers might just have a chance of getting him to help take the ‘c’ out of Scunthorpe and “make the world’s first true sun-fried crisps”.