halo top ice cream ad

You might not have heard of Halo Top ice cream, but according to Time magazine, last month it overtook Häagen-Dazs and Ben & Jerry’s to become the top-selling ice cream pint in the US.

So with its rivals covering off the ‘saucily indulgent’ and ‘amiably bearded’ corners of the ice cream marketing universe, how has Halo Top made itself stand out?

Its latest TV ad, loaded with Kubrickian unease, sees an elderly figure apparently incarcerated in a clinical white room. A friendly-seeming robot feeds her a spoonful of ice cream. “It’s good!” she exclaims.

But the robot won’t answer her questions. Where is she? Metal Lickey just mechanically feeds her more, eventually stating “everyone you love is gone. There is only ice cream”.

Horrible! But it works… Look for ‘abject terror’ popping up on marketing company brainstorms as winter sets in.

You can watch the video here