Happy egg hens being read to

Last year, The Happy Egg Co knocked up a cockerel calendar for its chickens. It helped calm hens who weren’t allowed to fraternise with real cockerels, and was a surprise hit with humans too.

But, not content with mere visual stimulation, Happy Egg bosses have now turned to literature, commissioning romance author Catherine Alliott to write their hens a clucking good yarn. The result? ‘Falling for Clooney’ - a story that redefines the phrase ‘chick-lit’. The book tells the tale of Molly, a love-sick chick vying for the attention of the handsome titular cockerel.

Happy Egg’s chickens can listen to the story via audiobook, and even if they don’t care for it, it’s scientifically proven that the sound of a human voice helps them feel safe and secure anyway.

People can listen online too - if they can cope with all the talk of “legendary breasts” and “chunky thighs”, that is.