Food nutters (sorry, ‘flavour-based experience designers’) Bompas & Parr have been hard at work thinking of unusual things to do with food. And they’ve come up with a couple of crackers.

First was a joint project with volcano experts at Syracuse University. Boffins working on ‘The Lava Project’ heat basaltic rock to over 1,000°C, and pour the resultant liquid into an artistic lava stream - which B&P use to grill a steak. A delicious, if dangerous, BBQ.

At the other end of the thermometer, the boys teamed up with Wall’s to produce some glow-in-the-dark ice cream, bemusing cinemagoers at a London screening of The World’s End.

The luminescent Cornettos are packed with riboflavin, which glows under certain UV lights (as do teeth!). Just as delicious, but with the only danger being that you might get chucked out of your local multiplex. Two please!