Every few years the Americans talk about a British invasion hitting Hollywood in time for the Oscars, usually spearheaded by Helen Mirren doing her ‘sexy pensioner’ routine while Colin Firth stammers through yet another Best Stuffed Shirt acceptance speech and various child-wizards try not to pop blackheads on camera.

This year the charge is being led by Dorset Cereals, unofficial answer to the question ‘What if Helena Bonham Carter was a breakfast?’

The upmarket-but-attainable cereal brand has been added to the infamous goodie bags dished out to awards goers, which in the past have included things like Gucci watches and Fabergé eggs - because if there’s one thing more fitting than Gwyneth Paltrow crying for our entertainment, it’s people with the cushiest, best-paid jobs in the world being given loads of free stuff they don’t need.