The rock and roll rider is a thing of legend. Music stars have long made self-important and silly foodie demands.

Now another diva has joined the ranks. Rock bluesman Jack White - he of the White Stripes - is said to be fuming at the University of Oklahoma, whose student newspaper printed details of his rider. “Please note: this is a NO BANANA TOUR,” his missive read. “(Seriously) we don’t want to see bananas anywhere in the building.”

The contract went on to detail a recipe for a large amount of chunky guacamole, with tips on stopping it from browning (put the pits back in and add lime juice, dip fans).

Jack’s management stated most of the food was for his hungry road crew (though that doesn’t explain the banana thing). They really do love that guacamole, though: “Now that it’s out there, try Lalo’s recipe,” they signed off. “It’s delicious.”