Bogof’s interest in East Asian politics doesn’t often come to the fore, but if the Japanese trend of politicians celebrating electoral success by waving fish continues, it could make a big splash in the fishing world.

Japanese politician Shinjiro Koizumi celebrated his re-election shortly before Christmas by holding a fish aloft in front of cheering supporters, like a maniacal Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

Politicians have adopted the celebration from victorious sumo wrestlers, who brandish the tai fish, or snapper, partly because its name is a pun on the Japanese word for ‘deserving celebration’ and partly to look butch.

Perhaps this might offer a solution as to what to do with Hugh’s less-than-tasty discards? Failing that, Bogof is all for bringing Monty Python’s pith-helmeted fish dance into parliament. Slappy new year, everyone!