With its return to TV, Kestrel has rather more to do than just convince lager drinkers its bevy is the best. It also has to disassociate itself from the naff 1980s and high-abv negativity. Google ‘kestrel lager’ and it’s not long before the phrase ’tramp juice’ pops up…

So, where to start? With an emphasis on the brand’s Scottish roots, apparently. The ad follows, in slightly trippy fashion, the journey of an animated golden kestrel, which pops out of a loch and swoops over some local barley, before unappetisingly decanting itself into a yellowy pint.

The Celtic music and the homely brogue of the voiceover artist hammer the point home, but it all feels a bit dated - as does the cut-price animation. It’s a start for Kestrel - but a shaky one.