apple music one use

How did you mark Apple Day on Sunday? At Bogof’s it was wall-to-wall cider and crumble, but there was some disagreement over the tunes.

If only our bash had been nearer Borough Market, where producer/DJ Andrew Consoli was playing a new kind of ‘Apple Music’. The market decided to stimulate sales by commissioning him to create a ‘symphony of ripening apples’.

Undeterred by the silent elephant in the room, Andrew set about measuring elements that determine how apples grow and ripen - nitrogen levels, soil, sunlight, rainfall and so on - before using said data to create a sound pattern, which begins with ‘environmental sounds’ before evolving into a melody.

Of course, for all we know he could be playing free jazz 78s at the wrong speed, but it seemed to go down well with the burghers of Borough.

Sounds bananas, right? Well… no.