I want to eat all the food. That’s pretty much the only thought your brain can process when you’re watching M&S’ new ad.

Bolder and pacier than its celebrated ‘this is not just food’ ads, this one eschews voiceover altogether for a series of beautifully shot close-ups of food. It’s as simple as it is mouthwatering. You can almost feel the spritz of juice as a lemon is zested, while there’s much borderline-obscene oozing from Scotch eggs, indulgent desserts and so on.

Sound is important, too, with a funky string-led piece augmented by satisfying sizzles. But it’s the photography, which sometimes resembles vibrant abstract art - and the ‘over 100 ideas every month’ strapline - that’ll get you hot-footing it to M&S, wanting to eat all the food.