“Film and TV series are consumed at the same rate that children consume popcorn and candy at the cinema.” So says artist Dan Bannino. You can tell what’s coming…

Yep, Dan has turned this Guernica-rivalling piece of social insight into some candy tributes to his favourite films and TV series! He has printed notable images from the screen on to marshmallows - recreating, for example, the rose petals that protect Mena Suvari’s modesty in American beauty (pictured). There are also marshmallow ice cubes (Mad Men) and, pleasingly, Daryl Hannah’s errant eyeball from Kill Bill - as squishy in reality as it was in the movie.

A marshmallowy take on some sweets from The Grand Budapest Hotel, meanwhile, represent… some sweets. Complex it’s not, but it does mean there are more marshmallows in the world. And Picasso never made anything this delicious.