It’s probably time to start planning Christmas dinner, isn’t it? Well, have fun stuffing your turkeys, suckers! Bogof’s Xmas meal is all sorted.

Mayfair Pizza Co has unveiled a Christmas pizza, which comes loaded up with turkey, stuffing, pigs in blankets, spuds, veg and redcurrant compote. There’s even room for bread sauce - just the ticket, if your bread-based dinner isn’t bready enough.

Mayfair even has dessert covered. The Christmas pudding pizza is topped with Christmas pud, brandy custard and - again - redcurrant compote (perhaps they made too much of it). Go posh and eat it in the restaurant, and they’ll even flambé it at your table!

The Loose Women ladies tried the sweet one out on Gregg Wallace and Monica Galetti, who weren’t impressed. But they didn’t enjoy their Brussels sprout smoothies, either, so what do they know?