Now, Bogof isn’t saying movie tough guy Michael Madsen’s career is going downhill but last year he appeared in Celebrity Big Brother and a Justin Bieber video. Maybe Quentin Tarantino has lost his number.

Fortunately, Madsen has a grocery sideline to keep him in razors and gasoline. American Bad Ass is his very own hot sauce brand, born in his kitchen and turned from fun in-joke to going concern thanks to a bit of the old Hollywood magic.

The sauces feature a label with grinning ‘bad ass’ Mike astride a motorcycle. Presumably, they make ideal accompaniments to Reservoir (hot) Dogs, and are, with a bit of luck, easier to digest than that pun.

To find out more, check out Here, you can also (for some reason) watch a video montage of Madsen’s creepy poetry, delivered with his trademark menacing husk. Another income stream?