Otohiko fork

Sound is perhaps the most under-rated sense when it comes to eating: an apple would be nothing without its crunch.

Less appealing, however, is the sound of slurping. Practitioners insist it improves flavour - professional wine and tea tasters do it. Nissin Foods, which owns the Cup Noodle ramen brand, has a “friendly solution” in Otohiko - a noise-cancelling fork.

A promotional video shows a diverse group of ramen lovers tucking in, with the non-native Japanese folk ‘uncomfortable’ with the noises. Fortunately Otohiko’s mic picks up the sound and forwards it to a smartphone, which plays a noise with a similar frequency (it tends to sound rather like a high-speed toilet flush, amusingly). Now everyone can enjoy a good slurp!

You can’t deny it works - though at $130 a pop it should. No word on what to do if you favour chopsticks, though.