It’s been a big year for milk producers. The SOS dairy campaign helped raise awareness of the plight of struggling dairy farmers. And retailers responded, making sure they were seen to be paying a fair price.

But the battle isn’t over. Lib Dem MP Tim Farron, for example, last week issued a press release to let us know that he was dropping off a petition at Downing Street, heroically “demanding a fair deal for dairy farmers”.

Farron isn’t satisfied, you see, with the “small climb downs from dairy companies including Robert Wiseman and Arla Muller [sic]”. He hang on! Arla and ‘Muller’? We missed that merger here at The Grocer… although not the Wiseman-MÜLLER deal.

Sounds like Tim hasn’t bothered to do his homework. At least he can differentiate between pints and litres. “The average cost of [milk] production,” his release tells us, “is 30p per pint”. Sigh.