pizza hut shoes

Bogof prides itself in bringing you the latest in the most important foodstuff (pizza, obvs) - and it’s been a busy week for the magical combination of cheese and dough.

First up, Pizza Hut has created a shoe with which you can order its products. The ‘pie top’ trainers feature a Bluetooth gadget in the tongue. When pressed, it sends a $7.99 large supreme to your location.

The next-best way to make pizza arrive is surely to get a terrifying red-eyed robot to bring it to your restaurant table. Well, at in Multan, Pakistan, engineering student Syed Usama Aziz has created such a creature for his dad’s business. Scary!

At home, a YouGov poll found the nation’s favourite topping is mushroom, while those perverts at Asda responded to recent fruit-based topping debate by creating the ‘Pure Pineapple’ pizza. Sick.

You’re welcome!